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Always accessible stay connected even when you’re on the go.

Manufacturer Pannel

Manage all Dealers / Manage all authorized service partners/manage customer behavior.

Customer App

Bill & Warranty card save single place, 100% after sales support, simple, fast and friendly shopping and service.

Dealer App

Manage customer data, Online shop, Automatic bill & Warranty card save on customer app.

Service Partner App

Single app to manage unlimited technician, Get custom service job, Pay per use model.
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Manage complex business with smart & user friendly customer Mobile App

Getting online is easy, succeeding online is a different story you will need more than a beautiful website to stand out these days. Mistri Chacha online business solution.

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Single Platform Solution

D2C Manufacturer Marketplace & After sales Support (SaaS)

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Compliance Partner

ISI, BIS, WPC, Legal Metrology, BEE, E-waste and more Government Certification, Single Window Solution.

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B2B2C Manufacturer Marketplace

B2B, B2C Platform, Reach your products direct to Dealer and Customer.

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SaaS / After Sales Support

After Sales Support Manufacturer, Dealer, Authorized Service Partner and Customer single platform solution.


Everything You Need To See, Available At Glance

Your hard work is now made smarter

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Awesome App Screens

Customer, Dealer & Service Partner App

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