"To all clients with customer, the number one complete software"

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"To all clients with customer, the number one complete software"

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 Automate Customer Services, Boost Brand Value, and Enhance Business Efficiency


Discover how Lockene DMS APP can revolutionize your dealership’s customer service, enhance brand value, and streamline business operations through the implementation of a cutting-edge Service CRM. Read on to explore its key features and benefits!

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In the fast-paced automotive industry, delivering exceptional customer service, fostering brand loyalty, and optimizing business efficiency are paramount to achieving sustainable growth. Manual processes and scattered data can lead to customer dissatisfaction and hinder business expansion. That’s where Lockene DMS APP steps in with its comprehensive Service CRM solution. Let’s delve into how Lockene DMS APP can help dealerships automate customer services, elevate brand value, and optimize business efficiency.

Automate Customer Services: The Key to Customer Delight
Centralized Customer Database:
Lockene DMS APP provides a centralized platform to manage all customer interactions and data, including contact information, purchase history, and service preferences. This streamlines communication and empowers your team to deliver personalized services efficiently.

Automated Service Reminders:
The Service CRM feature enables dealerships to set up automated service reminders for customers based on their vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Timely reminders increase customer engagement, leading to higher retention rates and improved brand loyalty.

Quick Appointment Scheduling:
With Lockene DMS APP, customers can easily book service appointments online through a user-friendly interface. This simplifies the process, reduces wait times, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Boost Brand Value: Engage and Impress Customers
Customizable Communication Templates:
Lockene DMS APP offers a range of customizable communication templates for service updates, promotional offers, and special occasions. Consistent and professional communication enhances brand image and reinforces customer trust in your dealership.

Real-time Service Tracking:
The Service CRM feature allows customers to track the progress of their vehicle service in real-time. Transparent communication about service status builds trust and leaves a positive impression on customers.

Integrated Customer Feedback:
Gathering and analyzing customer feedback is crucial for improvement. Lockene DMS APP’s Service CRM includes an integrated feedback mechanism, helping you understand customer sentiments and take actionable steps to enhance your services.

Enhance Business Efficiency: Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs
Inventory and Parts Management:
The DMS APP’s Service CRM assists in efficient inventory and parts management, ensuring that the right components are available when needed. This minimizes delays in service delivery and optimizes inventory costs.

Performance Analytics:
The DMS APP provides comprehensive performance analytics, enabling dealerships to track key metrics like service turnaround time, customer retention rate, and employee productivity. Data-driven insights empower better decision-making and process optimization.

Integration with Accounting Software:
Streamline financial operations with seamless integration between the Service CRM and accounting software. This minimizes manual data entry, reduces errors, and simplifies financial reporting.


The Lockene DMS APP with its advanced Service CRM empowers automotive dealerships to automate customer services, elevate brand value, and enhance business efficiency. By utilizing this cutting-edge solution, dealerships can improve customer satisfaction, boost brand loyalty, and optimize their operations to stay ahead in the competitive automotive market. Embrace Lockene DMS APP today and witness a transformation in the way you serve your customers and grow your business!

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