Make service delivery proactive. Simplify collaboration for operations, field resources & customers.

MISTRI FSM can Help You Personalize Engagement, Shorten your Service cycle & Grow your Business.

  • The Mistri Field Service mobile app gives your mobile workforce control over the entire job.
  • A Unified Field Service Management Solution.
  • Use a small system instead of a heavy one. Manage your work with a mobile device.

Drive Deals to Completion more Quickly, Helps you Improve the Average Service Closure Time by 80%

  • FSM easily manages all installations and services, including in-warranty and out-of-warranty service requests, and obtains real-time access to display of all work-related data.
  • You will see a list of pending installations and services on your screen after implementing and using our software, and you will be able to schedule the workforce to complete the task.

Concentrate and Gain Insight into the Entire Service Funnel, from Lead to Revenue.

  • Mistri FSM is a standalone CRM. Technicians to service your customers will be easy to find. The ability to manage an unlimited number of technicians at your fingertips.
  • Establish long-term customer relationships. Allow sales and support to seamlessly collaborate in order to assist the customer. Customer information, bills, warranty cards, and other items are also managed.

Improve Productivity by Simplifying Your Workflow

  • This FSM allows you to book services for your customers in just a few simple steps.
  • In order to arrive on time, the service technician uses a tracking system to locate the customer's address.
  • Chat with a customer in real time using the FSM chat option.
  • You will be able to provide complete satisfaction to your customers with this FSM aggregator, as there will be no tickets raised and no unfair calls to toll-free numbers.

Provide the Best Possible Service to your Customers.

  • Our FSM management system also allows you to manage all types of custom services.
  • Generate revenue from AMC. Number Masking for CUSTOMER Safety.
  • Complete transparency of spare part consumption.
  • Keep track of free spare parts under warranty or AMC.
  • Revenue from the sale of spare parts.
  • You can use this App (CRM) anywhere: in your office, outside of your office, and on your mobile.

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MISTRI is a comprehensive customer solution platform that brings together Service Partners, Dealers, and Manufacturers to deal with sales and service in a single, integrated system that includes CRM, 360°, FSM, DMS, and Service Open API.


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