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Optimize your cleaning business efficiency using Lockene. From estimates to invoicing, scheduling, client communication, and CRM management—everything unified in one comprehensive solution.

How Cleaning Software Works?

Lockene is a company that provides commercial and residential cleaning business solutions. Their services include customer acquisition, crew scheduling, real-time job tracking, and seamless payments.

Lockene also integrates with QuickBooks Online, which simplifies time tracking, inventory management, and maintaining accurate data

Smooth running cleaning biz? Manage clients, schedule crews effortlessly, deliver top service—easy operation, happy customers

Effortlessly streamline your residential or commercial cleaning business with comprehensive software solutions. Juggling client bookings, crew schedules, and maintaining high-quality service can be overwhelming. Software like lockene is designed to create a seamless workflow, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From the initial request to invoicing, Lockene’s efficient system automates job details, simplifying the process for your team. With the top-rated Lockene mobile app, your cleaning crew can easily access job information on the go. Plus, flexible payment options ensure prompt payments—whether online, automatic, or in person upon job completion.

Lockene consolidates quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and payment, providing a unified platform for managing your cleaning business effortlessly.”

Make it effortless for customers offer user-friendly tools that simplify their interaction with your brand

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We're here to make it easy for your customers, every step of the way

Leave a lasting impression on your residential or commercial painting clients. Lockene allows you to automate your communication, ensuring a consistent, polished customer experience with every interaction.

The client dashboard streamlines access to key data, empowering clients with real-time insights and control over their accounts and interactions with a business.

Virtual booking simplifies the process of scheduling appointments or services online, offering customers the convenience to book from anywhere, anytime, with ease and flexibility.

Formal Estimates are detailed and structured documents providing clients with accurate projections of costs and services, ensuring transparency and professionalism in business dealings

Provide customers with flexible payment options for cleaning invoices, whether they prefer in-person transactions or the convenience of online payment methods like credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or ACH bank transfers.

Steady Communication forms the backbone of successful business interactions, ensuring consistent and dependable exchange of information vital for seamless operations and lasting partnerships

A Customer Engagement Platform is a versatile system that unifies customer interactions across channels, fostering personalized engagements and deeper connections for businesses

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