Win more contracts with effective job quoting software.

How does Quoting function works in Lockene?

These quoting features in Lockene save time, secure more work, and deliver the professional and convenient experience your customers anticipate. Lockene allows swift creation of customer-friendly quotes, precise job pricing, and automated follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity goes unattended.

Quote layout

Add Discount

All Tax

Add Required Deposite

Qute layout

Create polished, customer-centric quotes swiftly and effortlessly.

Generate and dispatch a professional quote while still at the customer’s location. Your quotes will feature comprehensive work details, accompanied by product/service images or photos taken during the on-site evaluation.

Add Discount

Enhance your quoting process with our powerful 'Add Discount' feature

Seamlessly tailor your quotes to meet the unique needs of each client by applying customizable discounts. This functionality not only simplifies the quoting process but also allows you to provide personalized offerings, fostering stronger client relationships while ensuring flexibility and transparency in your pricing strategy.

Add All Tax

Streamline your financial processes with our 'Add All Tax' feature

Simplify complex calculations and ensure accuracy by effortlessly incorporating taxes into your transactions. With specific support for both Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST), our platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing tax complexities. Easily apply and track taxes, ensuring compliance and transparency in your financial operations.”

Add Required Deposite

Ensure financial security and commitment with our 'Require Deposit' feature

Elevate your business transactions by setting up deposit requirements, providing a safeguard for your services. This feature not only instills trust but also streamlines financial planning, enabling a more secure and efficient interaction with your clients. Take control of your financial agreements and ensure a smooth and reliable business process.

How does Lockene Quote Software works?

Quoting software like Jobber helps you put your services and costs into an online, interactive quote that customers can approve quickly.

  • Personalize ready-made quote templates effortlessly.
  • Choose from your product and service list and incorporate images
  • Review your quote’s estimated margin and adjust line item pricing accordingly.
  • Dispatch quotes to customers via text or email, including a link for convenient online review and approval.
  • Automatically schedule follow-ups for quotes with no response received.

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