Next-gen online payment platform—get paid 4x quicker!

How does online payment function works in Lockene?

These quoting features in Lockene save time, secure more work, and deliver the professional and convenient experience your customers anticipate.Facilitate seamless payments from customers with Jobber’s credit card processing. Offering a faster and simplified payment experience, it includes convenient payment choices, automated billing, and immediate payouts, ensuring payments from both office and field locations.

Online Payment

Paid Automaticly

In-person payments

Instant payout

Online Payment

Accelerate payments online.

When it’s payment time, customers can access their client hub on Lockene to input their debit or credit card information and include a tip.

For larger or commercial projects, accept online bank transfers—a swift and convenient alternative to checks.

Paid Automatcly

Hands-free customer billing.

Control costs and mark-on in Lockene for precise pricing accuracy every time. Review estimated margins on your quotes and promptly adjust pricing as needed..

In-person payment

Job site card payments.

Seamless credit/debit card payments through Lockene Card Reader. Customers enjoy on-the-spot convenience, saving you from payment follow-ups.

Instant Payout

Immediate bank deposits.

Instant access to funds seconds after customer payment—available even on weekends and holidays.
Gain control of cash flow and bypass the standard two-day payout period.

How does Lockene Quote Software works?

        • Create a branded invoice instantly and dispatch it to customers via text or email.
        • Enable customers to settle invoices using credit or debit cards through the client hub
        • Provide customers the option to add a 10%, 15%, 20%, or a custom tip when paying online.
        • No added monthly or set-up fees—solely pay upon receiving payments.
        • Instant payouts, even on weekends or holidays, available for an additional 1% fee.

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