Easily coordinate and manage your field service tasks from anywhere with Lockene Customer app

The Lockene  Customer app empowers you to oversee your field operations whether you’re on the road or at the jobsite. Easily schedule tasks, coordinate your team, and communicate with clients from any location.

How does the Lockene Customer app operate?

Discover how Lockene puts the power of seamless field service business management right at your fingertips:

Business Oversight

Visit Scheduling

Nail the Job

Quote and Bill

Customer Chat

Business Oversight

Let Lockene be your companion for a day of work, ensuring smooth operations with Lockene customer

With push notifications delivered to your mobile device, Lockene Customer App keeps you informed about schedule adjustments, new booking requests, client messages, and when clients review quotes.

A quick look at the Lockene app provides a snapshot of your workflow, tracks appointment progress, and guides you on the necessary actions to ensure your work continues seamlessly.

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Visit Scheduling

Quickly make scheduling decisions on the go.

The Lockene app allows you to effortlessly schedule work on the spot as soon as a new request is received.

For last-minute tasks, conveniently check your team’s daily visits on a map to swiftly assign based on location.

Nail the Job

Ensure each visit is executed precisely as planned.

Access essential job details in the field directly from the Lockene Customer app. Effortlessly complete job forms and upload on-site photos for your records as you work.

As your team clocks in and out through the app, Lockene captures their job hours, aiding you in managing timesheets and job costing.

Quote & Bill

Generate quotes and invoices for customers while on the move.

Create and send a polished quote directly from your mobile device—right on the customer’s property.

Once you mark a job as complete, Lockene instantly generates an invoice, ready to be sent with just a tap.

Customer Chat

Maintain customer communication seamlessly while staying concentrated on the task at hand.

Customize your on-my-way text message, and Lockene Customer app will make it easy to send it to customers on the go.

Freely text with customers while on the go, knowing that conversations are stored in Jobber for you or a team member to reference.

How does the Lockene Customer app entail?"

The Lockene mobile app provides access to Lockene’s field service management capabilities, allowing you to quote, schedule, invoice, collect payments, and communicate with clients—all from your mobile device.

Functioning as a centralized hub, the app enables you to monitor and address your business’s most time-sensitive tasks. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can schedule and reassign jobs, access and upload crucial job details, send professional quotes and invoices, and enhance communication with customers. The Lockene app is also available in Spanish for designated team members.

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