Experience stress-free scheduling with our online booking system.

How does online booking function in Lockene?

Lockene facilitates quicker job bookings and optimizes your scheduling through these features
With Lockene, you’ll save time on scheduling as customers easily book appointments online. Witness tasks seamlessly integrate into your schedule while you maintain control of your calendar.

Upcoming Bookings

Task Delegation

Appointment Preferences

Appointment Optimization

Automated Validation

Upcoming Booking

Inform customers about Upcoming booking options.

Craft concise service descriptions outlining inclusions, and establish estimated prices and durations.

Present customers with various service options, allowing them to choose what best suits their needs.

Task Delegation

Automatically allocate team members.

Select team members and define their availability for bookings, specifying hours open for scheduling.

Lockene will autonomously assign the available team member for the appointment, seamlessly booking it into their calendar.

Appointment Preference

Maintain command of your schedule.

Establish parameters for lead time before booking, time intervals between appointments, and the availability windows presented to customers, giving you full control over your schedule.

Appointment Optimization

Secure bookings that optimize both time and fuel efficiency.

Spend less time on the road by setting a limit on what area you service and how far you’ll drive between appointments.

 This way, bookings made online will automatically be scheduled around your existing appointments

Automated Validation

Ensure you never overlook a booking

Eliminate no-shows and stay prepared for upcoming jobs.

Upon booking, your customer receives an email confirmation, and you are automatically notified.

How does the Online Booking Works?"

Here’s what you can expect from online scheduling with Lockene:

  • Tailor the services available for booking and provide detailed descriptions.
  • Define availability preferences for yourself and your team.
  • Share your booking page on your website, social media, or directly with customers.
  • Watch as jobs are automatically booked into your calendar and assigned to a team member.

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